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Contactless Dining Kit For Restaurants

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In the wake of re-opening restaurants amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, PlumQR has launched the perfect contactless dining kit. Going digital is the new normal. From starting food ordering apps to transforming paper menus into contactless digital ones, the restaurant industry is transforming rapidly. PlumQR's contactless dining kit is helping restaurants, cafés, hotels, and bars go digital with contactless QR menus and food ordering apps.

Contactless QR Menus

A hassle-free solution to all your paper-based menu problems. Setup your menu within 10 minutes. No need to reprint the QR codes while making any changes in your menu items. Guests can just scan the QR code and view the menu on their smartphone. These menus can be customized to include your restaurant theme, logo, language and much more. Super easy, no?

Contactless Ordering

Your guests can directly order their food and drinks from their phones after scanning the QR code. This will ensure seamless order management as the manager will get a dashboard where they'll be able to view the orders from all your tables.

Contactless Payments

To ensure reliable payments, our digital menu is equipped with multiple payment gateways as well as credit card options. QR menus combined with contactless ordering and payment forms the perfect solution for restaurants wanting to go digital within a few minutes. All they need to do is just to register at PlumQR and get started.

Food Ordering Apps

Attract more customers and get repeat orders by launching your food ordering apps. Build your brand with our customized white-labeled food apps and software. Customers can view the menu, place orders, make payment, provide feedback for service and much more with our food ordering apps and software.

By now, you must be pretty excited about your restaurant going contactless, aren't you? Just drop us a mail at and let us know what you need. Go contactless!


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