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Contactless QR Menus For Your Restaurant

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Welcome the new normal by introducing contactless QR menus at your restaurant. In times of this pandemic, the restaurant industry is going digital at multiple levels- from building apps to enable online food ordering & delivery to moving their menus online. As restaurants have started re-opening now, there has been a tremendous hike in the demand for contactless QR menus. Several restaurant and café owners are ditching single-use paper menus to introduce digital touchless menus for their guests.

What are contactless QR menus?

Contactless QR menus are digital menus where guests can scan the QR code with their smartphone and view the menu. Not only this, guests can place their orders and make payments from their phone. Restaurant owners can choose from multiple themes while making the digital menu that resonates with their brand. Menus can be made in several popular languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic, etc. They are easy to edit with no need to re-print the QR code multiple times after every edit. There are several ways to display QR codes in a restaurant such as posters, stickers, flyers, table tents, sandwich boards, business cards, and table top inserts.

Owners can view and manage all the orders, tables, and payments from a single dashboard. This will not only help keep track of all the operating processes seamlessly but will also improve overall table turnover.

Are touchless menus Covid-19 hygiene standards compliant?

Oh yes, absolutely. Covid-19 safety regulations recommend restaurant staff to sanitize each table and menu after use and to discard paper menus after each customer use. Touchless menus will enable safe re-opening of your restaurant and is a cleaner and greener way to view and take orders.


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