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Build Food Pickup And Delivery App For Your Restaurant

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In the era of lockdowns and social distancing, restaurants are increasingly exploring ways to optimize their on-premise pickups and online food ordering and delivery processes. According to our latest survey, the demand for pickup and delivery software shot up by 60% post the first lockdown phase. There are two ways to build food pickup and delivery app for your restaurant-

1. QR code- Your guests can scan the QR code, view the menu on their phone, order food from the digital menu, and select the option of pickup or delivery. All this is done on the guests’ phone and there is absolutely no need for them to download any mobile applications. This is a much simpler way of introducing online pickup and delivery to your guests. Investment required is often minimal. Companies such as PlumQR are providing the QR code-based pickup and delivery software for as low as $17.99 yearly.


  • Simple to use for guests

  • No need to download apps

  • Minimal investment

  • Quick setup in 1 day

  • Zero commission

  • Zero app marketing costs

  • Increase in orders and ticket size

  • Adherence to safety and social distancing guidelines

  • Great for small to medium businesses going online for the first time

Investment needed

  • Depends on the tech firm you choose to collaborate with

  • Starts from $17.99 and goes up to $1,200 yearly

  • With PlumQR, you can get the complete QR pickup and delivery solution at just $17.99 yearly

Return on Investment (RoI)

  • Low investment, high returns in terms of an increase in the number of orders

  • High profits as order size increases by more than 25%

  • Order management via a dashboard

2. Mobile app- Your customers will just need to download the mobile application, sign in, place their order, and choose pickup or delivery. Building a mobile app for your restaurant may seem like a daunting task at first, but trust us when we say you just need to keep calm and go with the best app maker based on your budget and requirements. While there are many mobile app developers, PlumQR specializes in providing online ordering and pickup apps at


  • Easy to download apps from App store/ Play store

  • Customer-friendly apps

  • Zero commission (based on your choice of app makers)

  • Repeat customers and orders

  • Increased number of orders and ticket size

  • Improved restaurant visibility online

  • Brand building for your restaurant

  • Customer engagement with promotional offers

  • Great for medium to big businesses to increase customer base across multiple locations

Investment needed

  • Higher setup cost and time

  • App marketing costs

  • With PlumQR, you can get the complete food pickup and delivery app at just $100

Return on Investment (RoI)

  • Medium investment, high returns

  • Increase in the number of orders by 45% and higher ticket size by 20%

  • High profits due to an efficient order management system and increased revenue

Pro-Tip- Start with the MVP version and keep adding features relevant to your business. Focus on finding the best app developers to work with based on your budget, time frame, and requirements.


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