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QR Menu Maker - Why Does Your Restaurant Need One?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

With QR menus becoming a rage at restaurants, hotels, cafés, and bars there has been a surge in demand for instant QR menu makers. Two of the most popular contactless menu types being QR menus and pdf menus. While you just need to click a picture and upload it to create a pdf menu, you cannot make menu changes without changing the QR code in all your displays. Whereas in QR menus, you can edit menu in real-time without changing QR codes in all the displays. The QR menu can also be used by guests for placing orders and making payments from their smartphone. So why really does your restaurant need a menu maker?

Safety & Hygiene

QR menu maker helps you create QR codes for your restaurant's menu that lets you maintain highest hygiene and safety standards among your guests and staff members. In these trying times of a pandemic and with the revised restaurant reopening regulations, use of contactless menus are highly recommended.

Digital menus

With more and more restaurants going digital in terms of apps, websites & QR menus, the modern-day QR menu makers make it incredibly easy for restaurants to digitize their entire menu. Restaurants are going cleaner and greener by ditching single use paper menus. Owing to Covid-19 pandemic, several QR menu makers such as PlumQR are providing contactless QR menus at $17.99 for the whole year.

Easy to update menu items

Restaurant owners and managers can easily update any menu item and their prices at any moment and those changes will reflect in the menu immediately. No need to re-print QR codes after modifying the menus. No hassle of re-printing the expensive display stickers and posters every time you make any change in your menu.

Quick table turnover

Enabling your guests to view your menu and place orders on their smartphone ensures faster table turnover and improves overall staff efficiency. Restaurants that are short-staffed can receive and track multiple orders from each table seamlessly from their manager dashboard.

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