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QR Menus For Room Service In Hotels: 5 Benefits

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The new hotel reopening season, post lockdown, has been all about following the Covid-19 safety guidelines and ensuring the well-being of guests and staff. While guests have started checking into hotels again, we have seen a rising trend of using QR code menus. Instead of keeping paper menus by the bed-side, hotels are switching to QR menus for room service. The QR menus are your answer to minimizing surface contact and ensuring the highest hygiene standards to the guests.

Guests can find the QR code displayed by their bed, scan it on their smartphone, view your digital menu and services, and even place their order. The QR code is simple and can be set up within a day. You can even edit the menu anytime, manage all orders room-wise on your dashboard, and even have a multi-language menu. Wondering what other implications the QR menus have on your business?

1. Increase guest orders

We have noticed that hotel rooms with QR menus for room service have a 45% increase in their food and drink orders. While introducing QR menus in the rooms and pool area takes minimal time and investment, the incremental revenue from this simple change is sizable.

2. Increase room service order size

There has been a 15% increase in the room service order size when guests order via QR menus. This helps revenue growth and in uncertain pandemic times like these, we need technology to drive growth and help us create value for our guests.

3. Zero hassle in taking order

Our survey said that 78% of guests prefer ordering room service online than placing orders on phone. No need for guests to repeat their orders multiple times on the phone, they just have to scan the displayed QR code and place their order.

4. Ensure guest safety

QR menus reduce unnecessary surface contact, lower the need for sanitization of menus frequently, and remove the hassle of printing numerous expensive single-use menus. It’s a win-win for both guests and staff.

5. Create customer delight

In order to lock-in your repeat guests and attract new ones, guests must have an amazing stay with you. Going contactless with QR menus in rooms, pool-side, and restaurants have become an indispensable part of creating a delightfully safe experience for your guests.


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